Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Using the Web

Consider how your use of the Web has changed since you began your study of Web 2.0 earlier this semester. Which tools and technologies did you find the most useful that will become part of your Web 2.0 toolbox? What trends have you seen in terms of new applications or ways that applications interact with each other on the Web?

Since the start of this course, I have become a little more aware of some of the tools available, such as Google timeline and news sites.  Tools such as these make researching easier.  Timeline is definitely one I will continue to use.  Yelp and Flickr are other platforms that I enjoy using because of my travels.  Yelp helps me find interesting destinations nearby, and Flickr gives me a place to save the pictures I take at those places!
One of the trends that I have noticed is applications partnering with other media sites and applications.  For example, this year Snapchat added the Discovery feature which features networks and companies such as Mashable, Foodnetwork, Cosmopolitan and other.  Each of these publishes a "story daily that Snapchat users can watch and send snapchots of articles or pictures to friends.  Spotify is another one that is constantly partnering up with different products and brands to deliver new playlists to users,

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