Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Using the Web

Consider how your use of the Web has changed since you began your study of Web 2.0 earlier this semester. Which tools and technologies did you find the most useful that will become part of your Web 2.0 toolbox? What trends have you seen in terms of new applications or ways that applications interact with each other on the Web?

Since the start of this course, I have become a little more aware of some of the tools available, such as Google timeline and news sites.  Tools such as these make researching easier.  Timeline is definitely one I will continue to use.  Yelp and Flickr are other platforms that I enjoy using because of my travels.  Yelp helps me find interesting destinations nearby, and Flickr gives me a place to save the pictures I take at those places!
One of the trends that I have noticed is applications partnering with other media sites and applications.  For example, this year Snapchat added the Discovery feature which features networks and companies such as Mashable, Foodnetwork, Cosmopolitan and other.  Each of these publishes a "story daily that Snapchat users can watch and send snapchots of articles or pictures to friends.  Spotify is another one that is constantly partnering up with different products and brands to deliver new playlists to users,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week 12 Pinterest Privacy and information

I researched the policies for Pinterest, an online pin board where users find, share and create pins on ideas or items they are interested in.  Pinterest uses different types of information; it utilizes technical information to remember who I am and identify which device I using.  Also, since my Facebook is linked to my Pinterest account, it also can access certain information, such as my “friends.”  They also use information from other third party users and partners to find out my interests in order to customize the pins they suggest. They also may use location to suggest pins.  Another way they use and share my information is to show ads that relate to my activity both on and off the site. 
            However, I can customize my information in order to limit what off-site information Pinterest can collect as well as how much it can use to customize what it suggests.  I can also unlink my Facebook account in order to limit the information it can collect from that site.

            As far as the security breach protocol, I wasn’t able to find this.   However, I hope that they do have a policy and plan in place.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog Assignment BUED 340; This is Me!

Hello all you sassy fiends!
My name is Ashley Andrews and I am currently a senior majoring in Communications Studies with a minor in Trainging & Development.  Once graduation hits, I am hoping to be out of the Midwest!  I grew up in Wisconsin and have an undying love for all things cheese as a result.  (I probably would anyway but being raised on good cheese probably made a difference).  Some of my other interests/passions include reading books, coffee, traveling, the strange and unusual. and delicious food.

Three of my favorite websites are: A vegan dessert blog!  I am far from vegan (see "cheese as listed above) but she has a lot of creative and healthy desserts that I enjoy experiemtingwith. A guilty pleasure of mine; I have way too many boards, and way too many pins!
Yelp- I love using yelp and other sites like it especially when I am in an unfamiliar place.  It allows me to review and research a variety of restaurants and activities in the area.

There you have folks!  Me in a very tiny, basic nutshell.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Don't Nix the IX

Don’t Nix the IX

Title IX
Isn’t the Superbowl way past that?

If you were anything like me, “Title IX” is insignificant and confusing.  However, once I knew what it was, it became a whole lot more important.

The Winona RE Initiative Group on campus, a group committed raising awareness of gender based violence (GBV) issues and educating individuals on related issues.  The latest campaign, in alliance with their Take Back the Night event and film screening of “the Hunting Ground”, is focused on spreading awareness on Title IX and its importance.

So what on earth is Title IX and does it affect me?
Indeed. is a website dedicated to educating the public of what Title IX is, what it does, and who it involves.  In addition to being a valuable information source, the site also provides guidelines for reporting, getting involved, and other statutes that deal with gender based violence.

In short, campuses, as well as secondary schools, are responsible for ensuring the safety of all it’s occupants from sex discrimination, sexual harassment and/or violence and is responsible for reacting, enforcing and investigating all cases in a manner that will not bring further harm to the complainant.  

Here's are some quick summaries of what Title IX includes.
  • Sex discrimination of any sort in any and all public education systems is forbidden.
  • Schools must reasonably accommodate the victim to ensure safety, such as a no contact directive or changes in various schedules or living hall.  The school must also provide counseling, class or housing switch, adjustment of extracurricular or campus job schedules fee of additional cost to the victim.
  •  Students, staff, and faculty of ALL sexes, gender identities, and gender expression are protected from sexual harassment or violence, or sex discrimination.
  •  Schools are forbidden to take action against an individual who has or is filing a complaint and is responsible for protecting the student filing against any harmful behavior directed towards that individual as a result of the complaint.
  •  Schools cannot prevent a victim of sexual violence from taking legal action against the accused.  It is also forbidden that the school initiate or allow for mediation between the complainant and the accused.

  •   Institutions must have a documented reaction plan to IMMEDIATELY address and correct any sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence occurring at the school within the allotted time frame.

 With the many sexual violence cases that have been reported this past year alone, such as that of Emily Sulkowicz and  Lena Sclove, as well the voices of male victims, it’s becoming more clear why not only Title IX itself is important, but the education and awareness of its existence and scope.

Emily Sulkowicz carrying her mattress at Columbia University

 The Re Initiative plans on launching its Title IX campaign in April, which happens to be Sexual Assault Awareness month.    This is an issue that’s not going away, and Gender Based Violence is never an easy topic to discuss.  However, big props for the RE Initiative and its members for taking it upon themselves to open up and create the much needed discussion on GBV and to spread awareness.  Ending gender based violence is a topic that needs ALL of our voices.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back! and determined to stay...ish

Lyric: "I was enchanted to meet you."  Taylor Swift-Enchanted

So I wish I could tell you my absence has been the result of deep soul searching and I have returned enlightened!!....but alas i cannot; I was being a lazy sad I know!

So I'm looking for ideas on what you people may like to see on my blog, any ideas etc.  I am open to any and all suggestions!
Also I am starting another blog! Just to see if I like the server better! If I decide to do that blog solely, I'll let you know x)  there probably won't be to much of a difference but we'll see!

Quirkle:  I am realizing how pathetic Bella Swan/Cullen is x)

Thankfuls: Good advice
Good people
Fruit is healthy!

Brightspots:  Seeing people I haven't seen in months!!
Oreo truffles :O
oversized sweaters x)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good intentions...sigh x)

Lyric: I wouldn't want it any

I've had good intentions of posting alllll on my part!
I've been making gifts and it is super fun sauce!!  I personally don't celebrate Christmas, but since my friends hinted I was receiving something, I suppose I better give in return x)  So it has been quite fun and I'm quite excited!
Thoughts for the day: efficiency.  Be productive with your time!!  If your waiting on one thing, see if there is something else you can accomplish.  Therefore, you succeed in finishing quicker and leave more time for other things x)

Thankfuls:  Amazing teachers
Funfetti cookies!
Honest people

Bright spots: EATING funfetti cookies
Chilling with people
making gifts x)
Talking to people I haven't talked to in a while

Friday, December 9, 2011


Lyric:  "People throw rocks at things that shine..." Ours by Taylor Swift.  (Super cute vid by the way)

Walking my neighbor's dog today, I enjoyed observing how Lilly explored EVERYTHING as if it was something new and exciting, even if it was just her own yard.  It got me thinking how we-me-tend to have the opposite attitude:  Things are novel for a while, but it seems we sometimes soon lose interest and kind of take whatever it is for granted.  Personally, this is something about me that I really don't like. So my aspiration: to be more like a dog in the sense of treating everything as if it is something new and exciting. i.e., appreciating what I have and utilizing it.

Quirkle:  I hate how my voice sounds on recordings

Thankfuls: Good Music
People willing to do the right thing, even though it's hard.
Warm boots
My great accounting teacher

Brightspots:  Walking into GEO to find my teacher with a wrapped box attatched to his head with ribbon and wearing wrapped boxes around his waist, held up by ribbon suspenders.  Literally made my day.
The fire starting this morning!!
Sewing my skirt. (almost done!)
"I'm so happy when I see your face here"
"I love your style!"

By the way, Leah came back safe and sound.  Thank goodness!